Thursday 12.1.17

Strength –

Weighted pull-ups 5 x 5
Barbell rowing         3 x 5

Conditioning –

12 mins amrap –

5 Burpee on the plate
10 Kettlebell SDHP   @ 24kg/16kg
16 OH Lunge walk     @45lbs/25lbs

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Tuesday, 9:00 AM. After breakfast I visit "the Gym," a training area for Games athletes built in the Marriott's main ballroom. The temporary facility is stocked with enough Rogue gear to outfit a large affiliate, and I find Games rookie @kristi_eramo29 putting it to use. Her coach tells me that as one of the lightest and smallest athletes (she's 128 pounds), Kristi needs her central nervous system to be prepped for the heavy Olympic lifts she will be performing in the next few days. The Airdyne and power clean couplet he has her perform looks like it does the trick. As we chat about pre-game strategy for his athletes, Kristi loads a bar and proceeds to knock out a set of heavy back squats. I don't ask how much is loaded on the bar, but it's a lot. She's little, but she's strong. #crossfitphotojournal #reebok #CrossFitGames #sonya6000 #CrossFit

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