Tuesday – 28.3.17

Warm up-

400m Run

3 mins amrap-

3 Burpees
6 Walking lunges
1 Wall walk


OH squats 3 x 5

Front Squats 5 x 5


For time-

50 Toes-to-Bar, then

5 RFT-

11 Power Clean
9 Front Squat
7 Push Jerk @ 75% 1 RM

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Final day of drills! ・・・ | IMPROVE YOUR KIP | DRILL 5 #5daysCFGkipping 🔹RTHYMIC BEAT SWING🔹 —————————– We are pulling all our drills together today and kipping 🤗 •This drill is to teach you how to make your kip rthymic aka: beat swing. The band will help you control the tempo with the “beat of hitting the band” – This can also be done with someone placing their hands between ribs & back and allow you to kip to their hands. ————————— 1.Set up a band with some good resistance so you can feel the tighter you are the more “rhthym” you get from the band. 2. You'll notice I'm video the swing starts out small and then increases….if & when you show proficiency in smaller swings. —————————– Complete 5x 10 beat swings between each set do 3x3sec eccentric (negative or lowering) pull-ups #cfg #cfgymnastics #cfgseminars #crossfitgymnastics #gymnasty #crossfit #cfgfamily #crossfittraining @crossfittraining @crossfit

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