Home Workout – Strength! 13.05.20

Home strength routine

Warm up – 3 Rounds

10 Bear Crawl
10 Crab Walk

Workout –

Reverse lunge to Knee tap 3 x 10 (Each leg)
Army Crawl 4 x 10
Good Morning 3 x 10
Thruster 3 x 15
Towel Rowing 3 x 15

** Rest as needed after each set. Complete the prescribed number of set for each exercise before moving on to the next exercise.

You can use any household item for thrusters if you do not have dumbbells or kettlebells. Like a backpack, water cans, heavy books.
Wear heavy backpack for Good morning.

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  1. Hi Kazzafi, nice website, it might be a consideration to add a quick demo video for the workouts as some people might not understand the terminologies ( bear crawl and crab walk as an example)

    • Hi Alan, thank your for your comment and happy to see that you explored the workout. All the exercise names have a hyperlink to a demo video. Just click the name of the exercise and it will open a demo video either on YouTube or on my website. This applies to all home workouts I’ve been posting recently.

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