Home Workout – CORE! 12.06.20

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At-home core routine

Warm up – 3 Rounds

20 Jumping jacks
5 Reverse burpees

Workout –

Cat Camel 2 x 6 Breaths

L-sit or L-Hang 8 x :10 Sec holds
Bird Dog 3 x 10

Flutter Kicks 3 x 20
Russian Twist 3 x 20

Scaling the movements
If a movement is challenging or you haven’t yet mastered the skills required to perform an exercise. Find a scaled down version of the same movement from below. The exercises are listed in the order of difficulty as follows – Advance > Intermediate > Beginners

L-sit or L-Hang > Tuck Sit > V-up Hold

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  1. I enjoyed today’s work out💪👍. But did not understand L-sit/ L-hang 8*:10. And as I do in the morning cannot ask anyone.🙂

    • My apologies for the insufficient instructions for the workout. I have made the necessary changes. You guys are doing awesome! Stay consistent with the effort.

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