Home Workout – Strength! 05.09.20

Photo by Cesar Galeu00e3o on Pexels.com

At-home Strength Workout Routine

Warm up – 3 Rounds

3 Burpees
5 Sit ups
10 Bear Crawl

Workout –

Decline Push ups 3 x 10
Reverse Lunge to High Knee 3 x 10 (each leg)
Towel Rowing 3 x 15
Lateral Raises 3 x 12
Weighted Good Morning 3 x 10
Diamond Push ups 2 x 10

Complete all the sets of one exercise before moving on to the next one and rest as much as needed between sets.

Select your Fitness level & Program
Based on your current fitness level, select the right number of sets, reps or intensity for the given workout.

Beginners – 2 sets
Intermediate – 3 sets
Advance – 4 sets

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