Home Workout – Strength! 13.09.20

Photo by Damir Spanic on Unsplash

At-home Strength Routine

Warm up – 3 Rounds

5 Burpees
10 Lunge Walk

Workout –

5 Weighted Step ups (each leg)
5 Weighted Push ups
5 Pull ups / 10 Bent Over Rows
10 Biceps Curl
10 Triceps Kickbacks

**Complete all the prescribed sets of one exericise before moving on to the next exercise. Rest appropriatly between each set.

We are changing gear now and switching the rep ranges for exercises. Instead of the 10-15 reps we will be focusing on lower rep ranges. Low rep ranges demands higher weights. If you are stuggling with any body weight exercise continue doing the same exercise without adding any external weights. But for exercises like squats or any exercise where you can lift heavier weight go for it. That mean upgrading your home gym with some new weights or thicker bands.

Select your Fitness level & Program
Based on your current fitness level, select the right number of sets, reps or intensity for the given workout.

Beginners – 3 sets
Intermediate – 5 sets
Advance – 7 sets

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