Home Workout – MetCon! 09.10.20

Push up demo by Coach K

At-home Conditioning Routine

Warm up – 3 rounds

5 Jump Squats
5 Push ups

Workout –

6 Burpee Tuck Jumps

Every 2 mins for 20 mins.

**Set the timer for 20 mins. At the start of the timer perform 6 burpee tuck jumps as fast as you can and then rest for the remaining of the 2 mins. Again at the start of 3rd min do 6 burpee tuck jumps and then rest until the end of 4th min. Repeat this pattern. So you have 2 mins to perform 6 burpee tuck jumps for a total of 10 sets in the given 20 mins.

Aim to –

1. Complete the 6 reps as fast as you can so you get to rest more of the 2 mins.
2. Jump as high as possible on each tuck jump.

Select your Fitness level & Program
Based on your current fitness level, select the right number of sets, reps or intensity for the given workout.

Beginners – 2/3 reps each interval
Intermediate – Rx’ed
Advance – Focus on speed and height of your jump

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