man exercising at the gym with fixed weight dumbbellsStrength

Strength – 30.12.20

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Full Body Strength Routine

Warm up – 3 Rounds

10 Lunge Walks
10 Bear Crawl
10 Sit ups
10 Lateral Walk

Workout –

SuperSet –

Reverse Lunge to High Knee 3 x 10 (each leg)
Bent over Dumbbell Rowing 3 x 12

Dumbbell Thruster 3 x 10
Decline Push ups 3 x 10

Lateral Raise Front 3 x 10
Diamond Push ups 3 x 10

Perform 1 set of each exercise from the first circuit. Rest as much as needed and then repeat to complete the prescribed number of sets of the first circuit. Once you complete the first circuit then move on to the next set of exercises.

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