Core – 03.02.21

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Abs and Core Routine

**Click on the exercise names for a video demo.

Warm up – 3 Rounds

25 Single unders
5 Sit ups
5 Superman


Hanging Leg Raises 3 x 10
Weighted Half Crunches 3 x 15

Tabata Side plank

Plank hold 4 x ME (rest 1 min between each attempt)

Max Effort
If the exercise calls for Hold, hold for as long as possible with good form. If its for Reps, continue doing the reps for the maximum you can without breaking the set. Once you stop, the set completes. 

How to Tabata –
Tabata is a training protocol where you exercise for :20 sec and rest :10 sec for a total of 8 intervals. If there are 2 movements, alternate between them for 4 rounds.

Scaling the movements
If a movement is challenging or you haven’t yet mastered the skills required to perform an exercise. Find a scaled down version of the same movement from below. The exercises are listed in the order of difficulty as follows – Advance > Intermediate > Beginners

Hangling Leg Raises > Hanging Knee Tucks > Leg Raises on the floor
Weighted Half Crunches > Half Crunches

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